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about EIC 2017

Please come without sharp sword, practice with Iaito!

According to Italian regulations, it is necessary to have a weapon carrying permit to carry a shinken. As a consequence, people entering Italy might encounter problems (a shinken might be seized by airport officials). We suggest that you travel with a iaito.

There will be no problems for using either a iaito or a shinken for the examinations, according to the European regulations.


Until 30/09/2017 we will be accepting late registrations to the Iaido seminar of 03/11/2017 in Torino, at 24th EIC.

Due to the high number of people that will attend the seminar, this late registration will be possible ONLY for those also registering for the EKF exams (we will cross-check names against EKF exam data).

Seminar fee for this late registration is 50 Euro/person, to be paid before 30/09/2017.

Please contact your National Federation for registering and paying.